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Abstract: Withholding oral fluids from children undergoing day surgery reduces vomiting.


Kearney R, Mack C, Entwistle L.


Department of Anaesthesia, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.


Paediatr Anaesth. 1998;8(4):331-6.


The effect of withholding oral fluids on the incidence of postoperative vomiting was evaluated in 317 children undergoing day surgery. Children were randomized by cohort into one of two groups either drinking oral fluids or having oral fluids withhold for 4-6 h postoperatively. All patients received replacement intravenous fluids sufficient to cover the anticipated fasting period. Vomiting was assessed in hospital through to the first postoperative day. Compliance to the protocol was excellent. The incidence of vomiting in the group with fluids withheld was significantly less than (P < 0.004) that of the group which drank (38% vs 56%). This difference was seen whether or not patients thought to be at high risk for postoperative vomiting (strabismus or adenoidectomy +/- tonsillectomy) were included in the analysis. The greatest effect of withholding oral fluids was seen in patients receiving opioids (P < 0.001) where vomiting as reduced from 73% to 36%. Withholding oral fluids postoperatively from children undergoing day surgery reduces the incidence of vomiting.


Paediatric Anaesthesia Intravenous Fluids Oral PONV