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Abstract: Analgesia following paediatric day-surgical orchidopexy and herniotomy.


Ho D, Keneally JP.


Department of Anaesthesia, New Children's Hospital, Sydney, NSW, Australia.


Paediatr Anaesth. 2000;10(6):627-31.


We surveyed 90 boys, aged 1-13 years, who had undergone either orchidopexy or herniotomy, in a cohort study. Their pain and vomiting were assessed using a simple 4-point score in the Recovery Unit by the nursing staff, and at home by the parents. There were no significant differences in pain or vomiting scores between the two groups in the immediate postoperative period. However, children having orchidopexy experienced more pain at home during the first night and the following day than those having herniotomy. Nearly one-third of the former group had moderate to severe pain at home, in contrast to less than one-tenth of children having herniotomy, who are also more likely to be painfree on the next day. We concluded that children having herniotomy can be treated adequately at home with paracetamol alone, whereas children having orchidopexy may require supplementation with stronger analgesics.


General Surgery Paediatric Orchidopexy Herniotomy Analgesia