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Managing Diabetes in Patients having Day and Short Stay Surgery-4th Edition A booklet describing how to safely manage diabetic patients for day and short stay surgery. 4th Edit…

Advice for Patients

Choosing Wisely UK: If you are having a surgical procedure, Day Surgery should be considered as the default option

Advice for parents whose child has had day case surgery

Here is a link to a very useful website about managing any pain your child may have

Advice for adult patients

Day case surgery is becoming more and more common and is starting to approach 70% of all surgery performed. While day case surgery includes a number of relatively minor procedures, surgery of any sort is an event not to be taken lightly. You should expect and will receive the highest standards of professional care by all members of the team who will be involved. The whole approach to the surgical procedure can be thought of in terms of a "Care Pathway". What this means is that there are certain stages covering everything from getting you ready to the time when you are fully recovered. Prior to embarking on your "Care Pathway" there are some things you can do to help. 

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